Troop 286 Meeting Plan

Happy New Year!

Troop 286 Meeting Plan


Service Patrol: Mongoose (Arrive at 6:45pm to Shovel)


Gathering Activity:  Human Knot (Phil Callari and Chris Reardon arrive @6:45pm)

Opening: Uniform Inspection

Patrol Corners: Advancements

Merit Badge: Communications (Mr. Schloerb) A special guest (Chelsea Siecczkarek) has agreed to come and teach the Scouts sign language

Skill Instruction: Second Half of Physical Fitness (For Tenderfoot Scouts)

Closing: Normal Closing


  • An 11-year-old young man and family could be coming to see what scouting is all about.
  • Arrow of Light Scouts from 529 could be coming to take part in meeting activities.
  • UB Bulls Scout Day Basketball game offer $10 tickets for 1/13/17 see attached flyer for information.  If we have the interest we can attend.
  • Sign up Sheets will be available for many more activities.

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