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Klondike Claim Jumpers is one of a class or group of games known as wide games. It is played by 2 or more groups of youth participants over a fairly wide area. Each group contains four to eight participants. The play area may range from a few acres to an entire scout reservation. The game may last from a few hours to an entire weekend. It is up to the organizers and participants to determine group membership, play areas and time limits.

The game was developed to encourage the use of traditional scout skills and leadership in a way that is fun for the boys and does not emphasize time limits but rather the ability to complete the tasks properly. The skills required include map reading and map making, compass use, distance measurement, campsite selection, knots and lashings, saw safety, fire safety, fire building, first aid, cooking and cleanup. It also makes use of skills such as tracking, stalking, concealment and evasion. Additional elements of the game require each group to make choices about the use of gold earned to acquire equipment and food. There are numerous risk/reward decisions to be made throughout the game.

The goals of the game are to form a mining company, stake a claim and earn more gold than any other mining company.  There is competition among the groups for the gold earned for completing tasks and demonstrating skills. There are also elements of the game “capture the flag” including the capture of “prisoners”. The game includes lots of activity.

Adult participants serve as roving referees or mounties (RCMP) who award gold for skills and enforce rules. This is a great opportunity for a parents or Lad & Dad weekend.

We have found that a hearty celebration meal prepared by the adults is a great way end the game. We have also found that an evening fellowship campfire make the weekend one that is long remembered.

Experience has shown that the game doesn’t start when you reach camp but weeks before hand as the troop begins planning. Preparations include determining the area, team membership, food, equipment, time limits and making adjustments to the rules to meet the needs of the troop.

We encourage Scoutmasters to give your youth leaders the responsibility for most of the preparation. Just supervise the effort. If you are playing this for the first time, start with small groups and play for short periods.

The setting for the game is theKlondikeRiverarea,Yukon Territory,Canada. The year is 1896. Gold was discovered last year and prospectors like you are pouring into the area from all over the world. Some men arrive with partners, others alone. They all find that to work and defend their claims in this wild territory, it is necessary to form mining companies, small groups of men who will work together.

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