Troop 286 popcorn return
This Monday, 10/21/13

The following are important points to remember about the popcorn return.

Ø All unsold popcorn must be returned
Ø Be prepared to hand in the entire summary of your popcorn sale on your sales sheets, including:
o Popcorn sold and delivered
o Popcorn you still need for delivery to your customers
o Popcorn needed for chocolate products and sour cream popcorn orders
o Check your sales sheets for accuracy and legibility
o Be sure your scout’s name is on the sheets
o Have your scout’s prize choice(s) filled in on the order sheet
Ø If anyone wants to return popcorn to our house prior to Monday, call us to arrange a time
Ø Once we know the total picture of what has been returned and what popcorn people still need, we’ll distribute what we can from inventory – NO POPCORN will be distributed Monday night, with the possible exception of Cheese Lover’s

Thanks, and see you soon!

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