Good Morning All!
A few reminders for tonight’s meeting:
1) We will gladly accept partial payment, especially checks, from anyone that sold.  Please come in with your payments and you will be provided a receipt.
2) We have an APB for White Cheddar….anyone that had taken an order for personally selling and has product that is NOT moving, you can bring that in this evening and you will be provided a receipt for Turn In.  White Cheddar is taking a huge upswing in sales for the Troop and if anyone has any left over bags/cases that are not moving, we have a couple of families that are in need.  The Troop stock is also OUT of Kettle Corn and we have some families that are requesting stock for personal sales as well.
3) If anyone needs to have any additional Carmel Corn, Popping Corn, Unbelievable Butter, Butter Light Microwave or Carmel Corn with Nuts, please reply back before 4 pm today and we can provide additional supply.
4) Please make sure you are faxing in the filled sheets to Council so the boys can win a great prize. Drawing started last week. Troop 286 had no winners this first week but I am sure we will get some! Fax number can be found on the front page of the GNFC website, at the very bottom of the page. Fax (716) 891-4008
As always, would LOVE to hear how the boys are doing with this sale!  We have a BIG GOAL and I know, together as a team, we can get there.
See you all soon!
Lisa G
Cell      716 548 3958
office direct 716 531 7136

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