Monday’s Meeting 3/4

Monday’s Meeting 3/4

Gathering Activity – Survival – Matt Sternin
Order of the Arrow Overview – Francis Boeck
1st Year Scouts – Tents – Eric Brylinski / Matt McGinniss
Merit Badge – Camping – Mark Oetinger
Committee Meeting – Jason Crosby

Bring Deposits
Gettysburg $50
Summer Camp $50
Deep Fried Campout $10

Next Weekend is the Deep Fried Campout at 9 Mile Island.  Cost is $10.
Scouts are encouraged to bring any foods item they would like to deep
fry,   We are in a cabin but those who wish can stay in tents.  We
will be doing the same service project as last year, clearing brush
along the road. Bring gloves, loppers, clippers if you have them.
Arrive anytime after 6pm.  Uniforms are not  required.  1st year
scouts are encouraged to bring their books as there will be time to
work on outdoor requirements.

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