Monday’s Meeting 2/4


Monday 2/4 Meeting – We had to make a change in the plan as the presenter was unavailable. The Webelos of Pack 286 will be attending.

Gathering – Rope Maze (Francois Boeck)

1st year scouts – Setting up a tent (PJ Schmit/PJ Yarnes)

MB – Communications (Jason Crosby/Dan Dahlke)

Inter Patrol Activity – B-day lineup (Eric Brylinski)

Bring $10 for no sledding campout and permission slip (attached)

It looks like we will have plenty of snow for the no sledding campout next weekend February 8th to 10th. We will be at Camp Stonehaven in Safari Lodge. This is an hour each way and I recommend car pooling. If you need a ride just let me know and I will send an email to the troop. Be sure to bring a helmet and your sled (Bike Helmet will do)

Happy Scout Sunday & Super Bowl Sunday


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