1/22 Troop Meeting

Troop 286 Meeting Plan


Service Patrol: Mongoose

Gathering Activity: PLC show up at 6:45 (7:00-7:15) The Eight Knot Contest – Bowline, Timber Hitch, Two Half Hitches, Square Knot, Sheep Shank, Taunt-Line Hitch, Sheet Bent, Clove Hitch – SCOUTS PRACTICE KNOTS BEFORE MEETING

Opening: (7:15) Normal

Patrol Corners: (7:25-7:35) Klondike Participants – Patrol Name, Yell, Menu Planning and Flag, Advancements for Everyone Else

Merit Badge: (7:35 – 8:10) (Tentative) Communications with Mr. Scholerb

Skill Instruction: (7:35-8:10) Knots, Lashings and Gateway Construction

Pre-Closing Cleanup: (8:10-8:15)

Closing: (End The Meeting At 8:30)


· GNFC news on 1/31/18 Sky Zone jump event for selling $1,500 or more in popcorn. $4,000 Sellers Prize Vault happening also that night.

· Troop is now accepting empty ink cartridges to recycle and make $$$

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