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Good Afternoon all:
i apologize and wanted to resend out sales totals for Galleria Mall and Gander Mountain for those that may have missed it:

Galleria had a sales total of $47.80 that needs to be added to each scouts sales who were there to sell. 3 lines can also be marked down on their sheet for Fill a Sheet prizes.

Gander Mountain was a HUGE success. I am thinking planning a show and sell that late in the year got some repeat sales since some folks said that they ran out of stuff they purchased earlier! Also with hunting season coming up shortly the store was busy with folks getting licenses. Our gain! Total was 5 lines to mark and each boy received $84.10! Whoot Whoot! Nice job!

ALL UNSOLD POPCORN MUST BE TURNED IN BY MONDAY OCTOBER 20 at the meeting that evening. We WILL be at the Monday bowling out meeting and we will have receipts to issue for anyone that wishes to return popcorn that night. Please let me know if you will be doing a return before that evening so we know what to expect and from whom. Please return any UNSOLD popcorn in its original box as this helps us to repack and return complete cases.

We will NOT be taking ANY CASH or CHECKS as popcorn payment that evening at bowling. I do not want Maureen to have any large amounts of money during that outing as it is unsafe to carry. Payments in full ARE NOT due 10-20, just the unsold popcorn. You can keep on selling through November so if there is family, friends or neighbors that want to get more or place an order, by all means, please take it! Final Payment date will be sent out in a separate email. I believe it will be sometime the end of November but will send that out as soon as that date is confirmed.

November 1, we are turning in ALL complete cases of unsold popcorn. So on 10-20 when you turn in unsold, PLEASE come prepared with a list of items you NEED. We will do turn in of popcorn first, then we can re-distribute what is needed later that evening once we have returns documented. This way, if anyone needs anything they ran out of, and some gets returned, you can take it with you that night on 10-13 from the family bowling night.

A special Congratulations to PACK 286 for winning Scout Shop Gift Cards for turning in early payments. Troop 286 turned in early payments too but we were not a winner THIS TIME….Next year!!

As a reminder, get in the drawing for Week 6 by sending copies in by mail to 2860 Genesee St. Buffalo, NY 14225, emailing the copy to Justin.king@scouting.org or Lenora.stepp@scouting.org or faxing to 716-891-4008. You can also drop off hard copies to headquarters. All entries for the week must be entered by Monday morning at 10 am. Always include the Scouts name, unit type, unit number and phone number in case he wins. It saves us a lot of time. There should only be one Scout’s name on the sheet; even if scouts are selling together there can only be one winner.

Remember, if a Filled Sheet is not drawn as a winner, it stays in the drawing each week. Scouts can also earn an additional drawing entry for every additional Fill A Sheet turned in. Thus if a Scout fills a sheet week 1, he now has 8 chances to win, and they have some really amazing prizes.

$2,500 Scholarship
For those Scouts who sell at least $2,500 they are eligible to receive a bonus 6% commission on their sale into a College Scholarship money market account which will grow with interest until he is 18 years old. Once a Scout sells $2,500 the first time, no matter his future sales he will always be eligible to get an extra 6% into his scholarship account. Each year, the family must use Trail’s Ends reporting form to register their sales. The form can be found at http://sell.trails-end.com/content/b6b081445f2d113/college-scholarship—funded-by-trail’s-end and you only have one calendar year from the fall sale to turn in the form. Turn it in as soon as possible to earn interest and it must first come to the Council office to be signed. The Council will then send the form in to Trails End.

Thank you for a great job so far! Keep up the good work….stay warm and go sell. With the Sabres on tonigth who knows – someone may need a SNACK!!

I also wanted to note: I have a dumb phone, not a Smart Phone so I have to read emails the old fashioned way. Best way to get a hold of us, after work hours is calling home 835 2444 or text or call my cell, 548 3958.

Your Popcorn Lady

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