Monday’s Troop Meeting 11-1-21

Troop 286 Meeting Plan



Gathering Activity:  7:00 pm – 7:15 pm:  Putting Troop gear away that is on the stage (ensuring gear is clean and dry before placing in storeroom)

Opening:  7:15 pm – 7:25 pm:

Patrol Corners: 7:30 pm – 7:45 pm:  Making Patrol Flags

Skill Instruction:  7:45 pm – 8:15 pm:  Cyber Chip teaching with the Patrol Leaders Council

Closing:  8:15 pm

Important Updates:

·      Last day to sign up for the 11/19/21 – 11/21/21 Stonehaven Leanto Campout at a cost of $20.  We have 8 signed up in a 12 person Leanto.  If needed, we will reserve another Leanto.

·      Campout 8 attendees so far:  D Dahlke, O & M Shotwell, Q Williams, W Gladysek, E Mee, B Chatham & J Balcom.

·      We are collecting back payments from Claimjumper $25.00 and payments for the Leanto Campout $20.00.

·      As of this past Thursday no tables were upstairs in our meeting room.  I will attempt to investigate this prior to our meeting.

Yours in Scouting,


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