Mondays meeting

The Tonawanda Aquatic Center Outmeeting Jan 27th has been postponed. There will be a normal meeting Jan 27th at the church.
Gathering – First Aid Relay – Conner, Zach and Will
Skills Instruction – 1st class first aid – Matt, Joe, John, Jimmy
Merit Badge – First Aid – Dan Dahlke
Adirondack Snow Shoeing – Our guide will be at meeting and we will choose the mountain to climb and see rest of the itenary
Webelos of Pack 286 will be visiting

$20 for the Klondike Derby Feb 7-9th at Stonehaven Niagara Cabin Permission Slips
$50 deposit for the Adirondack snow shoeing trip

Adirondack Trip signed up below should be at this meeting. Still have room for 1 or 2 more ($135). Sit in and learn about it. This activity is desgined for older scouts
Jason Crosby
Keith Dubuque
Mark Oetinger
Will Crosby
Kyle Pietrzyk
Ryan Pietrzyk
Cory Pietrzyk
Eric Brylinski
Conner Shubert
Zach Archibald
Yours in Scouting


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