IMPORTANT meeting plan change

Significant events have occurred over the last few days pertaining to the electronics recycling event that everyone needs to become aware of, as it’s dramatically changing our meeting plans for tomorrow.  Events have unfolded as follows:

·         John Abramo requested the Troop to hold this recycling event and Mr. Dahlke said “great idea”

·         Event planned and posted on social media

·         Post has gone viral with over 16,000 views as it has been shared by Erie County, Town of Tonawanda Police, Sheridan Park Fire, Ellwood Fire, and another 200 miscellaneous shares

·         This now becomes our responsibility to be prepared so we are taking these steps for our meeting tomorrow

o   No Uniforms wear your class B or favorite scout t-shirt

o   Many if not all scouts will be expected to work the event

o   We are attempting to secure a trailer to accept all electronic waste for recycling

o   Event goes from 7pm – 9pm

o   We are only accepting drop offs no scout will pick up material from houses

o   Mr. Dahlke will attempt to put up clear and direct signage in parking lot to direct the flow of traffic

o   Mr. Dahlke’s Truck and Jim Chatham’s Truck will be positioned on Claremont and Wendel at edge of parking lot

o   Town Police have been notified and will be patrolling the area during event

o   Today Mr. Dahlke is attempting to get orange traffic control cones

o   Adults only bring flashlights to control traffic after dark

o   Reminder do a good turn daily and service work is important

o   We will attempt to have a fun event PLC has planned for the night if able

o   Scouts not engaged by this event will work on advancement upstairs

o   Any past Troop 286 members are welcome to assist for the evening

o   All efforts are benefiting camp good days!

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