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See the attached itinerary and map for our canoe trip Thursday, August 21st to Sunday August 24th. Cost is $65 per person with 3 per canoe or $115 per person with 1 per kayak. Scouts must be physically strong enough to carry a canoe from one pond to another .3 of a mile with one other scout. Canoeing merit badge is preferred.

Campsites are limited to 12 campers. Should we go over 12, we will need a 2nd campsite and by park rules it must be at least 1 mile away but the ranger told me they can both be on Follensby Clear Pond.

We were able to secure Schoellkopf canoes which has reduced the price by $10 per person. Thanks to Jason for towing the canoe carrier,

We need to know
1) Aare you going?
2) Your preference, canoe or kayak?
3) Will you be bringing a canoe or kayak?
4) We need to know by the end of the week (August 1st)

Here is who has confirmed going. All want canoes.
Mark Oetinger
Jason Crosby
Will Crosby
Mike Brylinski
Eric Brylinski
Steve Pietrzyk
Kyle Pietrzyk
Ryan Pietrzyk
Cory Pietrzyk
Barb Reardon
Chris Reardon
Paul Orrange
Paul Orrange

Here is who is thinking about it?
Dennis Randall
Jeff Randall
Kevin Steward
Sean Steward
Debbie Krupp
Ben Thurston
Matt McGinniss

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